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Sup nollywood peeps? Missed me? (hahaha who knows me) but I got to ask still hun. Just incase you wondering why I have not given you any fresh “asili” for those that consider it so, I have been very busy (what other excuses do nollywood practitioners give?) We are always busy jumping from one set to another, from  one office to another, one event to another and sometimes one bed to another (from one bed to another I mean strictly for rehearsals plssssss believe me. lmao).Yes the political terrain in nollywood is anything but calm right now, as we move closer to the d-days for various guilds and fear not I will be with you all the way (aren’t I christlike). DGN members have declared and already some are making expense funny political blunders, some others are set to witch hunt previous hunters, some others are have been contracted (I mean like paid contract) to be campaign managers. Others are trying to appease of enemies that are blood thirsty for revenge and some others are being hunted by their past (so sad for them anyway).

Whispers from the wall (which is my primary source of info) says that handsome looking Andy Chukwu the current vice president of the creative arm of nollywood (SWGN), who is also running for the presidency, is at war with presidential candidate for DGN, Fred Amata for going public to announce his name as one of his campaign coordinators. According to the whispers from the walls andy chukwu heard about it and called Fred Amata to confirm it and verify when they had that agreement and fred simply said that he called him and told him about his political ambition and he said no problem. Whispers from the wall said the yellow paw-paw Andy Chukwu turned red and furiously  stated his displeasure and also threaten to campaign against Fred Amata so that people will know that he had nothing to do with that. As at the moment I have not call any of them to confirm (but why the hell do I have to call them because whispers from the wall never lies, yes walls have ears). 

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