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The battle for the presidential aspirant for DGN have just gotten stiffer as he suffers his first defeat in the hands of he’s very own, Anya Ibo King makers Association one of the many caucuses in nollywood like the west coast, have publicly asked Dickson Iregbu to step down for his fellow tribesman Teco Benson, early on both candidates have been invited to sell themselves to the house and after which the sad news was put forward with out any reservations.   The official reason given for this is that teco is more sellable than him Dickson however the definition of being more sellable have not being described by the association in black and white but whisper from the wall hinted Nollywood Television that it is associated to the later been regarded as the new school and the old schools are not ready to concede to the new school. Also whispers claim it overheard some practitioners gossiping about how much integrity malady the troubled multiple award wining director Dickson has in the industry. Nollywood Television got in contact with the troubled director and asked him if he was going to comply with the order, in a tenderly calm voice he replied and I quote “I am a Nigerian and I am a nollywood practitioner  therefore I am qualified to run for this election….. They (anya igbo) have made their judgment looking at the external but not the internal, it like the story of David and goliath, I believe in nollywood”. His answer is plain and simply for all the candidates to understand and it is that the battle is far from over.

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