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Whispers from the wall gathered very disturbing information from the past involving two DGN presidential aspirants. It dates back to when men where boys and the boys according to whispers from the wall where fetching water on sets, serving food to crew members, assisting in productions, kissing the directors ass and standing in awe of movie stars ( did I hear someone say bad old days, you must be one of em new schools). According to whispers from the wall a certain director who smokes cigarette but not particularly Benson and not related to the amata’s but known for his brilliant ideas and “tantrums” on set was directing a movie and one small “son of a Dick” mistakenly crossed his part at the wrong time and at the wrong place, imagine that kind of carelessness!! he received a baptism of soup on his face from the director. Whispers claim it was ogbono soup, while walls claim it was egusi soup judging from the look of that poor man. Well the rest as they say is not story cos such acts of indiscipline even when atoned for will always come back to take its pound of flesh at crucial times like this. And for all those that love “olofofo” that think the already know who and who are involved in this episode that’s your own palava na baba I talk if you put am gida…….who cares. 

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