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Directors in attendance include all the big move you can imagine, Mr. Bond Emeruwa the president, Mr. Kinsley Omoefe, the vice president, Mr.Sam Boye secretary, Mr.Dickson Iroegbu the current serving P.R.O and presidential candidate for the DGN,Mr. Chima Okereke the financial secretary, Mr. Fred Amata also a presidential candidate for DGN, frank onwuchei, emmanuel ogugua, presidential candidate for the DGN Mr. Teco Benson, Franca Brown, Mr Andy Amenechi, Mr. Tony Anih, Emeka Enyiocha, theOonowu of Anyi Igbo Filmakers Association Bishop,Mr. Mahmood Ali Balogun, Mr. chike Bryan, Mr. Sonny Macdon. W, and many other. and right now they are debating the make up of the board of trustees. The names of Mr. Ola Balogun and Mr.francis Oladele are coming up on the negative side of the Directors' Goodwill. Mr. oladele Balogun's case is particularly on the bad side because of his outward bastardization of the Motion picture industry in Nigeria especially outside the country.the lamentations of the Directors are seemingly becoming popular and almost all but Mr mahmood ali balogun seems to be on his side.  right now the vote on retaining the Board of trustees are about to start.

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