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what comes next after the storm?

You think you know what comes next after the storm? Take a wild guess and I can assure you after a million guesses you will be wrong in this case. First things first, who’s storms are we talking about? The three musketeers of AMAA(oops I did it again) I actually meant the three big boys in charge of putting togehter the AMAAs namely; Mr sonny McDonald-w, Mr. Tony Anih and Mr.Steven Akasa Angba. The trio seems to be connected in a strange way. A few weeks after Akasa as he is fondly called buried his father, Mr. tony anih lost his father and one week later Mr. sonny mcdon-w couldn’t find his too. Strange the way these things happen, comfort yourselves in the lord oh AMAATITES, absolve the pain, release the tears and life goes on says nolly 6 verse 10 of the television bible.
Oh yeah, life goes on as the storm is nearly over as the burials arrangements are on high gear. The question is  what comes next after the storm? For now we can't say for all of them but for Mr.Tony Anih it is a beautiful one. Anymore guesses? Sun? Silver lining? Rainbow? Naaah. It’s a beautiful baby girl!!!. 
Yes the AME media boss’s wife put to bed mid day yesterday at navy town military hospital navy town. Congratulations to you and your family sir.Sure you will agree with us it wont all be cries for the trio. Afterall they now have some good reason to pop champagne, how about you? 

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