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Ordinarily this could have been very easy to answer. All one needed to do was to call any of his numbers and the warm, firm voice of Barr. Efere Ozako the initiator of WETIN LAWYERS DEY DO SEF will greet you. Reports have it that the popular copyright lawyer died in the early hours of today, shortly after arriving the country from south Africa. Cardiac arrest is said to be the terminal cause. The sudden departure of this rare gem behind DTALKSHOP is another heavy blow to nollywood. This news comes at a time when nollywood is basking in the frenzy of the forthcoming Africa movie academy awards AMAA.
He had served as one of the lawyers of MNET Nigeria and as legal representatives to various nollywood practitioners. He will be forever remmebered for his contributions in the area of creating awarenes for the protection of intellectual property (IP).

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