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That We May Be Truthful And Then One

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to 2014. It is my hope that it will be a good year for all of nollywood. It is my hope that the leaders of guilds and associations and their members begin to realize the potentials of this industry (if it is really one) and begin to position the industry to attract the right partnership and funding it craves.

I also hope that the non-guild practitioners will come to the understanding that we need some form of workable structure that will foster the growth of the industry. Constantly pulling on opposite sites as the guilds will only result in zero work-done. This year if we only can come together and discuss our collective problems and seek way to resolve them, we will together make more progress.

While welcoming you all to this beautiful year which is going to be an election year in nollywood. I like to say its about time we elect leaders not based on sentiments or political inclinations. Let us speak against corruption, inefficiency and misrepresentation with our votes. In the later article to come we shall discover the concept of half truth and how truthful that makes us.

This industry is a great one but like the bigger entity Nigeria, greed and personal interest has overtaken the urge to seek collective good. It is my hope that this year be different. As we carry out our businesses this year I want to suggest that we be more critical of issues not individuals and learn to take criticisms in good faith. It is important that we develop the maturity to accept corrections without making enemies out of whoever raises questions on the way we carry out the business of the industry. I want to encourage practitioners to be more responsible and hold their leaders accountable for their actions, only then will our leaders be cautious of the consequences of their actions.

The media have a role to play too. The press must learn to report objectively not reporting based on the heaviness of brown envelops. It has become imperative that thorough jobs be done in seeking the truth and following stories to its logical conclusion not retreating to suit the interests of close friends or at the sight of stipends. Also it is wise to be cautious of how matters are presented; It does no one good to unnecessarily hit up the system.

This year is fresh and I pray nollywood will never go dry. I pray that we may be able to tell the truth and then be one. Let us also pray for our leaders that they may long to serve us well and together take nollywood to the next level. GOD BLESS NOLLYWOOD, remain green and fresh.

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