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Written By: Ekine Stronghold

It’s like asking me what I think of a beautiful parasite. I think clarion chukwurah is a good actress with an over-bloated self image, the size of an elephant with a brain that processes information at snail speed. No, she’s worse. Try a poisoned cup of cold water on a sunny day. The AMAA winner is a shameful embarrassment to nollywood and every attempt to re-position her as a role model and a leader in the industry which she has undoubtedly contributed her own little quota has failed phenomenally. It’s been a sad story for a very long time as she has never come to participate fully in the industry but whenever there is need for a practitioner in nollywood to come play lead in any anti-Jonathan campaign, you will always see her rush to the forefront playing puppet for anti-democratic movements determined to sowing seeds of division.

I honestly wonder how mama Clarence raised her children or how she intends to show good examples to them when any time she manages to get her bleached face in front of a camera, she only hurls insults at duly elected officials that have given themselves selflessly to serve their constituencies. The truth is, the bored and bleached madam is angry within and feels overtly marginalized (evidences of a poor self esteem) so like a wounded lion she is ready to attract some attention at any cost. Also, somewhere in her narcissistic mind wells the thoughts that she can be the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria which she has in no way contributed to building, one that till now she is not financially up to date, a guild that she has insulted in many ways and attempted to rubbish the current national president who has single handedly transformed the guild, outperformed any other president the industry has had and even extended her duties to other guilds (We will leave her achievements for another time).

Clarion chukwurah has beyond all reasonable doubt proven true the allegations that she is a hard drug addict as evidences against her prove and obviously it is not good for her but we will leave that matter for the drug agencies to verify or if we are lucky she could check into a rehab and do us all a huge favor.
I want to thank the president of the AGN for the maturity with which she has handled the court jester. Please continue to bless the ignoramus with silence, what better way to anoint such an underperformer and concentrate on your presidential duties. We appreciate your going the extra mile to render special service to nollywood as a whole.

So for all those who want to know my honest opinion on the person of clarion chukwurah? Simple! She is a person-less person lacking in understanding of governance and has no iota of respect for duly elected officials. She is nothing but a noise maker playing puppet in the hands of the grand puppeteers of needless and unconstructive opposition, with the intention to steal, kill and destroy… though she’s obviously under the influence of something reserved for the damned!! A simple advice? If you can’t stop making noise at least stop smoking things that have the tendency to make people go gaga. 

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