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whispers from the wall have started to whiper to me the endless series of "amebo", i really wonder where they get their gist from. wherever they "whispers" and "wall" get their gist from please i beg you dont stop supplying me. as at yesterday evening i was at the usual hangout of the un-named cabal of deadly nollywood politicians (no insults meant) that know how to scheme high level politricks in nollywood (i choose to call them the fortress).there was a serious face off between two of the contestants Mr.Joe Dudun and Mr. Chike bryan. whisper claim that it was Mr. Chike that started the face-off but walls say that Mr. Joe dudun that provoked the former before by trying to dent his image before high ranking persons in AMP and this lead to the face-off between the two of them.
As usual i donot bother to verify their stories, whats the point but they bothered to tell me it was not a good sight that both presidential aspirants nearly got physical but for the mature intervention of Mr. president (uncle Tee) and some other nollywood practitioners that where present. in whisper very words "if say bros tee no dey there blood for flow" , Nollywood television thank the president for intervening and making sure that things were handled in a mature way. to end let us consider this question "walls" ask me? SWGN election na do or die?

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