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Hmm, a lot of people will relish this piece. Why? You may ask. Remember we reported earlier about the raging war between the cabals that run nollywood. We reported that there is a serious “under G” high level politicking currently going on in nollywood over who emerges and who does not emerge as key officials in various positions in the various guilds. Well a lot of people didn’t believe it; rather they sent in various emails chastising us for having the effrontery to suggest such. To even allege there is a cabal or caucuses that are chronic politicians rather than association of friend with like minds that are only interested in the work of art that they are involved in and constantly looking for ways to make more films and improve the industry.
Abegi leff story and big English, maybe they could sheath their swords later when all victims of war have fallen or when the war is over but right now, envision nollywood as nothing short of the movie 300 (e no reach oo. Na play be that one).
However to prove beyond all reasonable doubt “whispers” and “walls” world renowned all time favorite gossips were commissioned to do what they know how to do best “gossip” and “eavesdrop” and I must confess, they did a good job. They submitted what I would call a concise list of various caucuses and their members. However it is necessary to state that this list “na list wey amebos collate” so please there is no guaranty of authenticity (that na just disclaimer, don’t take it too seriously). So stay with us to know who belongs where.

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