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By now your ears are itching to know who belongs where. First the war is like the musical war that happened between the “west coast” guys and em other guys in America. You remember don’t you? The tupac shakur and the “Big daddy” sorry Notorious B.I.G saga. Now let’s get serious death row records also known as Westside or west coast had men like tupac shakur, dr. dre, snood dogg, ice cube, outlawz and their boss suge knights. Well in nollywood I’d like you to know that we have a WEST COAST cartel too, the biggest and probably the strongest (if winning elections is not part of their agenda).
 As the list has it, their no.1 hit man like tupac shakur, judging from his dare devil disposition and his uncanny ability of getting in and out of trouble, surviving political attempts to pull him down and mostly his “niger delta militant nothing dey happen” way of life, not to talk of the countless rumors that constantly seem to trail him, is the president emeritus of association of movie producer (AMP) Mr. Paul obazele (well, wouldn’t you agree). So, who would be their something kind of Dr.dre?
 Judging from his advisory and big brother role, having been in the industry for a longtime, “Big daddy” himself Mr. sonny Mcdon W. fits the most.  That should not surprise any body, especially when he is revered as a cult member because of his gangster dressing; he’s always wearing berets of very incriminating colors like black, red and yellow(go check im AMAA pictures). Next would be their ice cube, a character that seems to be quiet, in good terms with everyone but very tricky and highly coded. No doubt that would be Mr. prolific the man we know as Mr. Chico Ejiro.
How about sexy sleek snoop dogg? Hmm, that one hard ooh, considering the number of ladies that flag round nollywood male practitioners. Truth is “whisper insists it should be the president of SWGN a.k.a Mr. AMAA, more appropriately Mr. Tony Anih. Though he’s married with children, the handsome “after two” has (or should it be had) ladies flocking to him willing to do “anything” to get into the invitee list of AMAA.  Whether he has been doing such transactions which we doubt anyway is not our concern here, though walls actually cared to do us the privilege of that extra information (my advice,don’t take that amebo’s word seriously). However, “walls” believe it should be the man behind Abuja international film festival and one time president of DGN Mr. Fidelis Duker. Reports have it that the ace director is one of the chief strategists of the west coast crew. Now here comes the outlawz
Topping the list would be Mr. Fred Amata (Don’t ask why), Mr.frank dallas, Ms. Ibinabo Febresima, elder Joe Dudun and from the list I have, let me just say e.t.c.
Now, the most interesting part of the story. Hmm,  in every organized setting there must be one man on top if law and order has to be maintained, a president, pope, shepherd, don, capos or capon, a suge knight. Who would that man be for the west coast crew?
 According to whisper and walls, that one man for the west coast crew is no other than a man we all respect not out of duty alone but one that has made his mark and contributed immensely to the industry we call nollywood. A man of substance yet very simple. That man is none other than Mr Zeb Ejiro(oon).
The story neva finish but just stay with us for more on this story. Just for a recap.
Tupac- Mr paul obazele
Dr. Dre- Mr. Sonny Mcdon W.
Ice cube- Mr. Chico Ejiro
Snoop Dogg- Mr. Tony Anih or Mr. Fidelis Duker
Elder Joe Dudun
Mr.Fred Amata
Ms.Ibinabo Febresima
Mr. Frank Dallas
Suge Knight- Mr. Zeb Ejiro (OON)

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