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Hello people.  Any need to really say that? Especially with the current leadership issues hovering over our dear actors guild of Nigeria. Well in my opinion it is needful, a hi or hello most often is the starting point of any conversation even if it will turn sour in the end. Besides we have being forcefully forced out of a rebranding process that would have placed the whole nollywood community at an advantage to follow the happenings in nollywood not only on the internet but on terrestrial TV and cable TV speaking about NOLLYWOOD TELEVISION that is. That is the reason you all have missed us. But not to worry we kept tab on all the major happenings in nollywood and we will update you. I know you may have heard the stories but would you have heard the inside stories and the real motivations and politicking that goes underneath that only the authoritative voice of nollywood i.e. NOLLWOOD TELEVISION has access to? You think I’m bluffing right?
Let me ask you then. Do you think the motivation of FVPMAN to place a ban on terrestrial TV airing of nollywood films was just because VCDs don’t sell any more? Do you think that all those involved are clean and were not involved in the said trade? Do you think that the voice you heard was truly a consensus of the producers and marketers? How effective do you think it will be? The guilds that were represented and their presidents that seemingly supported and endorsed it, do you think they did so whole heartedly? What are the fears that yet abound? How about the leadership crisis rocking AGN? Who’s supporting who? Do you know how many political blogs we have in nollywood and how they influence happenings in nollywood? Do you know their motivations and political ideologies?  Have you any idea of who represents Iraq, eastern Afghanistan, Bagdad, Jericho, west coast and of course almighty Jerusalem? Do you know the perpetuators of the many bulk SMS circulating round the industry? Do you know those that have been caught in the cross fire? These and many more are the packages that will be delivered to you subsequently on this news, info and edutainment blog on nollywood.
Well, never mind we’ll do it for you. You are most important to us. We owe you the unbiased truth nothing but the whole truth and we are more than capable to manage the situation. It is necessary for the public to know that NOLLYWOOD TELEVISION is not nollywood watch and we do not do business together in any way whatsoever as some have wrongly concluded because of our professional affiliation with some person’s like obinna nnaji. We have also been linked with a purported sony (not sonny mcdon-w) whom we do not know. Nollywood television categorically and out rightly denies any involvement with nollywood watch. The said obinna nnaji was the communication director of Enugu international film festival (EIFF)  and as another edition is under way, there is an affiliation with him which does not transcend that point, if he is in anyway a part of nollywood watch or the purported nollywood advocacy group we are not aware and are not a part of it. We are interested in what you have to say as long as you are a player in nollywood. We want to help you reach the world do let us hear your own side of the story when or before we get across to you. If you want to be heard then let us talk.
We do not publish propaganda or criticise anybody we are all for the truth, so let’s get talking.

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