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Have you been privilege to read some nollywood scripts? Some are so good that the director refunds the producer his money with an extra sum sometimes while advising him to buy scripts rather than pick up his 3-yr old daughter’s homework. Some are so impressive that you will be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that an imbecile wrote it. I have once come across a script that was written by an Onitsha hustler, it had lines like "the man got angry so ochia ha waka",” the man's pikin no like am so obido shebi onwu", if you dont weta the cup agama handulugi" and many more. I recall a script that the incumbent president of SWGN Mr. chike Bryan had to rewrite. The purported writer wrote a scene that described how a young man in the university impregnated a girl and was rusticated by the vice chancellor of the school because of that. There are many more examples but I believe these would do.
Nigerians are naturally creative, imaginative and innovative people having a rich cultural reservoir to freely recline on to create beautiful stories. Consequently a lot of people go into documenting these creations of theirs for the purpose of film and television production. When you take into consideration the economic factor, it really should not come as a surprise to find such scripts in the industry. if you also take into consideration the low level of education of a handful of marketers that’s into the motion picture business for the profit only and does not know jack about film making it makes even more sense.
Yet it is not right to let our blessing be a curse to us. It is never heard that you throw away the baby with the bath water, is it? It is for this reason that the leadership of SWGN is putting together a 3-day workshop/training to help the practitioners in the industry for the betterment of our motion picture industry. The workshop / training will begin from Tuesday 15th may 2012 to 17th Thursday 2012 at the NFC office complex by 9am each day.   Renowned and respected facilitators from all over are coming to dish out information that will greatly impact on the overall capacity and output of the Nigerian writer. This workshop/training is open to both members and non-members.  Do not miss out on this great opportunity.

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