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How time flies, if you were in nollywood in 2007 (us have teeeee) the DGN (dangerous guys of nollywood) elections you will recall took an interesting turn. You will remember this phrase “bond is bondage”. It was a very creative one from pastor chris nnamani who is the presiding man in SWGN (sovereign waiters guild of nollywood). We all know eze did go to school but chike finally crossed the presidential river after having nearly drowned in the DGN elections river in 2007 congratulations but when will snoop dog inaugurate you, your blood just dey hot sote you begin act without proper ceremony.
AMEBO GENERAL WHISPER AND DEDE TAKINSON ELENUSUMBO WALLS have noticed that the man whose name is synonymous with chains or bondage in that election has been going to India frequently. Official reports have it that the many travels to hindu (sorry india) were based on medical reasons but inside reports suggest that the man popularly called 700(just read it backwards) is taking his career to the next level academically but most importantly SPIRITUALLY we believe. Not like he’s joined any cult that we know of (which does not necessarily mean he has not joined any we don’t know of) but we have reasons to believe that for you to continually enjoy freedom in chains there is more than what meets the eyes. Especially with the crop of young directors that are taking film jobs away from the “old school” directors a little spiritual assistance is not a bad idea.
Just as a flimsy thought but we have been wondering why Benson and hedges neva sign dis oga sports car as its ambassador? (ooh we forget him don buy Camry)Wicked people, with all the tithe him don dey pay to una. Heartless people until im heart turn to charcoal. mctwewwww .kash ya lata
We have heard as usual (well that's what we are paid to do). Imagine making amebo your career. I can assure you it wouldn't be difficult if you are everywhere like walls and have people that find you irresistible like “nollywooders”, (can they do without whispering? Hell no).
If you are a good fan of unimportant nollywood gists you must be familiar with the death of Saddam Hussein of nollywood. If you think he is long gone, then you must be mistaking and if you think his style has changed sorry to you. If you remember when saddam lost to yellow pawpaw militant Saul in AMP he moved to form a parallel guild. When his friend a man respected by walls and my “kponcous” self lost to Pastor Chris nnamani chike in SWGN he moved to form a parallel body. Whispers and walls have it on record that he is planning on making the same move as that fine delta soap girl did not emerge the winner of AGN. That to us is a hasty move, oga you need to stop using candle light if you have to see the “undergee” package going on. Abeg leave our delta girl alone. Oyibo girl no mind that baba agbaya, let us tell you what to do.
Spread the love, if e no work spread the moni, if e no work, spread cartons of delta soap atleast make all those pretty dirty and smelling waka pass actors and actresses fit dey baff well and if e no work, spread the terror. You know how we have been doing it na. If you can’t win them, JAM then. highest thing na 2months retreat for kirikiri.
Back to the purported meeting of nollywood generals, warlords, buccaneers and samurais attended by reps of Baghdad, west coast, Jericho and Jerusalem. We heard eastern Afghanistan was not invited but bumped into the meeting. Do you want to hear the outcome of the meeting? Stick with us your official amebo general whisper and dede takison elenusumbo walls and always remember to whisper cos walls have ears.

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