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If you watched blackberry babes then you must have heard this "emeka di lalala international boi no retlit no surrenda". That was the hook that got me hooked sure you almost laughed out your ribs. It was a very unique one from one of nollywood's best Chigozie atuanya. Who would have ever believed that this young handsome actor would be able to creatively play such a local character, especially as he's have been playing the clean modern lover-boy in nollywood films.

It underscores the fact that he is a world class actor that knows his craft very well. That is the quality of a consummate actor, nice one sir. For those of his fans of which nollywood television is part of, you need to tighten up you sit belts because you will soon smell what "emeka di menene international boi" is cooking.
Nollywood television caught up with him on set and of-course we brought back something for our dearly beloved ones....... YOU. So stay with us and we will bring you more juicy details. Remember its "no retlit no sullenda".

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