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RE:ChildNotBride: SK Johnson – Stella Damasus, I’m sorry, I just can’t take you seriously

Ekine Stronghold
Can anyone tell me why YNIAIJA likes to hate celebrities (has anyone else noticed it?) and why Ynaija publishes the writings of budding player haters? Also i wonder why is it that they so know how to pick their moments (hating, on such sensitive matters like this?)honestly i enjoy your site but you are so loosing me and i am sure i am not the only one.

It could be hard for someone like sk_ johnson but you sure should try to be objective when handling issues like this. The issue is not Stella's reaction as much as it is the evil of child marriage, the disgrace it brings to our national brand, the deliberate attempt to incite religious conflicts by hiding under the guise of religion not minding the already existing inter-religious crisis fueled by the insurgence of Boko Haram, the future of the young girl child and the silence of the celebrities that the masses love(but if it comes to making noise for politicians they will come out in their numbers) and most surprising of all, the silence of the first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Stella reacted because there was a cause, remember the cause and effect theory? please focus on cause not the reaction.

Yes, she insulted them. They insulted not only our intelligence but also our country and i tell you, they deserve much worse. Do not take it lightly that a celebrity of such stature will come out and speak against men that wield such legislative powers and influence in the country. It is indeed a brave one by Stella Damasus and if i have to spend time to explain the many implications to you, then you should stay clear of entertainment. Find another job.

Don't you find it appalling that the first lady who is always loud and in front when it comes to political matters and her quest to ensure she enjoys her privileges as first lady come 2015 is silence on such an important matter?  Assuming this was the united states will the first lady be silent? please think and think again. Stella has done absolutely nothing wrong and she should be commended and supported by the media not being criticized.

Didn't you say she didn't say anything insightful? honestly, it is obvious you're completely blinded by your hate for her. Let me tell you what this video is supposed to do. It is supposed to sensitize and create a response that will bring together like minds that are not afraid to stand their ground and boldly say "this is not acceptable". You think the "shameless old men" may not watch the video? forget it, They will. Their friends, aides or colleagues will watch it, their children or their children's friend will watch. One of their "ogas at the top" might watch and pass the message to them and i bet you they will watch it. If Boko Haram and other terrorist groups use the internet, then it would be too much shame for "shameless old men" not to.

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