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 By:Ekine Stronghold

It is about time AGN put a stop to the political imbroglio they constantly immerse themselves in. The industry i believe has had enough of this embarrassment. Like a child that can't aim right and keep pissing and messing up both himself and the surroundings. I was formerly of the opinion that all the previous crisis from the time of  Mr.Ejike Asiegbu to the breakout of Mr.Emeka Ike to the segun arinze saga to the near war situation that brought in Ms.Ibinabo into power were just mere signs of growing up and they only needed some time to get it together but now, it is obvious that there is a fundamental problem of not just leadership but ideology.

There is clear indication that it is all about power and whenever there is a tussle for power look closer and you will see there is a tussle for resource control. The constant romance of our political leaders and these faces of nollywood (though that is still in contention) obviously yields some undocumented dividend of democracy that seems to constantly be the reason why they just can't sheath swords and work together. whats else could be the cause for constant leadership brouhaha? of-course it can't be genuine selflessness that tugs at one's heart to offer themselves for service.

The Board of trustee (BOT) is not even free from the blame. As a matter of fact, i believe they shoulder much of blame and if the guild ever gets ready to move forward, the first point of call should be a thorough re-assessment of the BOT if not a complete reconstitution of it, judging from their past records as regards directing the guild aright and resolving internal problems. Statements by some of the BOT members at critical times has often been one-sided and lacking objectivity. The BOT should at such a time as this in the history of AGN be all uniting, acting in wisdom while upholding justice and in all uphold the rule of law not dancing to tunes of some individuals.

It is at such occasion as this that the industry must realize the essence of CONGA. If not for anything the fact that the congress is empowered to look into the affairs of the various guilds and carry out independent investigation to ascertain the true state of affairs and be able to mediate into the matter would have saved nollywood this embarrassment. That is one reason why the industry must begin to prevail on the respective guild heads, their representatives and the CONGA chairman to call for a congress, in which all the matters affecting nollywood will be discussed. The three billion naira fund came up and CONGA was silent, some guilds are practically not functional, CONGA has been silent, the guild heads have had their own issues CONGA remains silent, impeachment letters are flying at an alarming rate and embarrassing the whole industry yet CONGA has remained silent.

At this point, the good of the guild, the rule of rule and the way forward should dominate every discussion in resolving the matter that has risen not the power tussle that is going on in the actors guild. Not the reckless mudslinging or indiscriminate  dispatch of impeachment letters, counter letters or police reports and court injunctions. This has got to stop. As far as the truth is concerned this is the most valid litmus test of the maturity, competence, neutrality, commitment and i might just add sanctity even sanity of guild under madam president Ms.Ibinabo Fibresima and the board of trustees of the guild. I have heard people warn the guild and nollywood as a whole that this uprising will bring out the beast in them (AGN), alas that is not the case. In my honest opinion i believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is the beast in them(AGN) that has brought this uprising.

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